Rebecca Plante is a front end web developer and digital content management professional. She has worked in this space since 2010, after changing careers from being a Human Resources professional.

Since 2014, Rebecca helped establish WordPress as a viable content management service at the MITRE corp and continues to work on managing the service,  supporting WordPress, building sites, teaching and evangelizing its merits. She also builds websites for both internal and external stakeholders using Drupal and SharePoint, and assists customers with content creation and site maintenance at MITRE. Rebecca is also available for freelance work.

Prior to coming to MITRE, Rebecca was a thought leader in the digital marketing community, working in the private sector for various digital marketing agencies on website redesigns with various content management systems, as well as digital marketing campaigns, utilizing social media tools, search engine optimization and pay per click campaigns. She loves to teach and has spoken at several seminars on these topics.

Rebecca is also an avid knitter and fiber artist and runs her own knitting vlog. She is also an animal lover, book worm and keen gamer (both video and tabletop).